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Creative Lead

As a Creative Director, my role is to bring vision, innovation, and cohesion to every project and team I lead. With a passion for artistry and strategic thinking, I strive to push boundaries and craft unique experiences that captivate audiences and elevate brands to new heights. By blending design, storytelling, and technology, I create immersive and emotionally resonant campaigns that leave a lasting impact.

Let me take you to the few projects I have worked on.

Winspire: Women who inspire us

WINSPIRE: L&T Corporate HR's campaign for International Women's Day. On the project, I served as the creative lead. L&T wants to demonstrate to the world that our female engineers not only successfully combine their personal and professional lives, but also take on difficult projects and do well. Three real-life women heroes who excel in each of their various male-dominant fields are shown in this video.

I was responsible for managing a team of copywriters, video editors, producers, protagonists, and HR, as well as providing creative ideas and information. With the help of several rounds of feedback, we were able to complete this project ahead of schedule.

Rewind #2021 – L&T Group

As the Creative Lead for Larsen & Toubro (L&T), I am proud to highlight a year of extraordinary achievements and people-centered initiatives. Working closely with cross-functional teams, we elevated L&T's brand identity, creating innovative campaigns that captured the essence of our diverse projects and showcased our commitment to excellence. 2021 had been a testament to L&T's unwavering dedication to both business innovation and the well-being of its people, and I will be excited to continue pushing creative boundaries in every years to come.

Adobe Global Delivery Center - Rockstars 2023 | Teaser Vidoe

Above video is an exclusive teaser to experience the unforgettable "Rockstars" event that took place on June 8th, designed for Adobe employees. I worked as one of the organizers and creative director, the event brought together the Adobe community for a day of inspiration, connection, and celebration. From engaging talks to exciting performances, "Rockstars" highlighted the incredible talents that drive Adobe's innovation and success.